How to Create a Hassle-free Return Shipment

Posted by Tania

Do you ever manage a product return shipment from a customer? Do you want to cut down your supplier shipping costs for inbound orders? If so, FlagShip can help you achieve return shipment success with just a click of a button.

FlagShip’s online discount shipping system – has been designed to simplify your shipping. Here are a few shipments you most likely manage:

  1. A shipment that goes from your office to your customer
  2. A shipment that comes to your office (this is what we call a return shipment)
  3. A shipment that is exchanged from two locations outside of your office (this is what we call third party shipping)

For all of the shipping variations noted above, we can help you can control your shipping costs and ease the process, all-in-one place.

How-to manage return shipping:

From the New Shipment screen, simply click on the Swap Addresses button to change your company information from the Shipper to the Receiver section to create a return shipment. You then enter the shipper information and at the end of the shipping process, email the documents (labels) to the shipper. The shipper just needs to print the labels you emailed him. No waybill to fill-out, no phone calls to schedule a pickup. It’s that easy!

How-to manage a third party shipment:

Simply fill-out the Shipper section with the shipper information and the Receiver section with the consignee information*. Again, you email the labels (documents) to the shipper and it’s done!

FlagShip is proud to help simplify the shipping process and reduce the shipping costs.

If you have any questions on processing a return shipment, please contact our customer relations team at 1-866-320-8383 or  


*A $1.95 administrative charge applied in lieu of the shipping charges.