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What happens if you miss a delivery and the impact on your business

Posted by Tania

You have a great product, strong sales, and a fantastic customer service team. That is great news but imagine what good it all is if you are unable to promptly deliver the actual product to your customer. While missed courier deliveries are inevitable, being unable to offer more convenient delivery options and missed courier deliveries will ultimately cost your business. So what happens if you miss a delivery?

Once customers miss a delivery, they are more than likely going to contact your customer service team which in turn raises your business’s labour costs. In certain circumstances, a customer might even cancel the order completely since they were unable to receive their product on time. This unfortunately creates a loss in revenue. In cases where missed courier deliveries occur one too many times, customers may give negative ratings which can most certainly damage your brand.

Ways to prevent missed courier deliveries include offering more flexible delivery options and selecting a reliable courier with positive delivery experiences. With FlagShip, our couriers offer options such as a Saturday delivery so that your clients have more alternatives when deciding when they would like to receive their shipment. We also work with trustworthy couriers, like Purolator, FedEx, UPS, DHL, Canpar and GLS – where all you would need to do is contact us ahead of time for any important or seemingly difficult shipments to ensure a smooth delivery. It is important to select a courier that will take the extra step to make sure your customers receive their shipments which in turn grows your business and promotes your brand.

Whether you are wondering what happens if you miss a delivery or have any shipping questions, FlagShip’s customer service team if you have any questions at support@flagshipcompany.com.