Special Handling and Address Correction Charges

Posted by Tania

Why am I being charged Special Handling?

The reasons are common among all 3 couriers. However, they are not limited to the following:

–          Any item that is not fully enclosed with corrugated cardboard box  (excluding envelopes)
–          Overweight/Over-sized
–          Any cylindrical items such as; barrel, drum, pail, tires, tubes
–          Any box where there may be an indication of loose pieces (nuts, bolts, etc)
–          Any stickers or writing indicating Fragile, handle with care etc

All Special Handling charges will only be charged after the shipping process.  This is up to the sole discretion of the carriers once it arrives at the depot.

Why am I being charged an Address Correction fee?

This occurs when there has been an error in the address of the receiver.  This could be anything below however, not limited to:

–          Missing street direction (East, West etc)
–          Missing street type (Avenue, Blvd, etc)
–          Misspelled street name
–          Missing unit number
–          Missing company name
–          Incorrect postal code

For any questions or concerns about either subject, feel free to contact customer service department at 1-866-320-8383 or support@flagshipcompany.com.