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Shipping Customer Service – What to Expect?

Posted by Tania

Exceptional customer service is an overused term by many companies in all industries. It is typically an aspect of the business that is under-delivered on, leaving customers wanting more attention and support.

At FlagShip, exceptional shipping customer service is not just something we promote in a pamphlet, it’s a philosophy that the entire company lives and breathes and rallies around. Making our customers happy is top priority.

Here are just a few examples of how FlagShip takes shipping customer service to the next level:

A live representative is always available:  In most cases an automated customer service system just doesn’t cut it. That’s why FlagShip offers a live representative at the end of the phone for our customers – even after hours and on weekends.

We do not stop until there is a positive resolution for our customers: We do not close a file until every possible step has been taken.  We will call the customer, the carrier, the receiver and any other party that is involved until we have a positive resolution. Example:  On several occasions when a customer’s package was at the depot, but could not go out for delivery, we have arranged for a private taxi or trucking company to go to the depot, pick up the package and deliver it.

Constant communication with our customer: We notify the customer when we are working on something for them, when there is progress and when it is completed.

Knowledge of industry: Between all of us at FlagShip we have incredible knowledge of the transport industry, we always help each other out, share information or contacts in order to provide a positive experience for our customers

We answer every question, no matter how big or small: Many customers comment that they are never made to feel stupid no matter what they ask, or how often they ask it.

We provide a personal service: We get to know our customers, what they want or need and provide an individualized service to meet their needs

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