Signature or no signature – that is the question

Posted by Tania

When shipping to a business – the driver will request a signature in 95% of all deliveries.  One exception is for a company that has a pre-existing agreement with the carrier to never request a signature.  They have a bar-code instead that the driver scans in lieu of a signature.  There is nothing that can be done to get around this agreement.

The signature becomes much more important when shipping to a residence

  •  If you choose no signature required, then the driver will leave the package if he feels it is safe (i.e. there is a balcony).  If the door is right on the street or there are people around, the driver will not leave the package.  In addition, a package will never be left in the front entrance of an apartment building.  It is always up to the driver’s discretion if a package gets left at the door.
  • If you request a signature and nobody is home, the package will be brought to the closest depot and the receiver will have to go pick it up. A card should be left on the door indicating where the package is being held.  A package will be held for approximately 5 days.  If it is not picked up in that time it may be returned to the sender.

Please note that for Purolator if you want the package to be left at the door, when processing your shipment in FlagShip’s online shipping system, you must click ‘no signature required’ and residential delivery.  The waybill must have the OSNR symbol on it.

If you have any questions regarding signatures and deliveries, contact us at 866-320-8383 or e-mail us at