Vision for small business shipping turns into a reality

Posted by Tania

Howard Kruger, President and CEO of FlagShip Courier Solutions, had a vision for small business back in 2005 – to bridge small businesses with world-class couriers, with the best courier rates and superior customer service. Bringing all of this to life – and thriving year over year – would take a combination of next level technology with personal ethics of integrity and honesty.

The Canadian Business Quarterly (CBQ) spoke with Kruger about his vision, his values and the importance of leading a business with a win-win philosophy. In the CBQ’s comprehensive profile, they explore Kruger’s venture into the courier business, how he established a niche in the market, and ultimately delivered unique shipping solutions to small and medium sized businesses.

“Our market is the small courier user, because the small courier user needs close hand-holding in two main areas which benefits both themselves as well as the larger couriers. These clients are not as well educated in what solutions they need to run their business from a shipping standpoint, and the number of small businesses in the market takes a toll on the courier’s resources by servicing each small business individually” Mr. Kruger explains to the CBQ.

“Bigger companies have established procedures, and the big couriers can market directly to them. However the small guy who doesn’t have a proper solution, who doesn’t know how to send or pick up something from New York or China seamlessly, or doesn’t know the best way to get something to remote areas of Alberta for instance; that’s our customer.”

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