Best Courier & Parcel Delivery Service in Canada

Struggling to find an in-expensive parcel delivery service? FlagShip offers Canadian businesses a hassle-free solution to save up to 70% on domestic and international shipping. Get started today and experience the FlagShip difference!

Best Courier & Parcel Delivery Service in Canada

Posted by Aritetsoma

Getting fast, affordable, and hassle-free parcel delivery service solutions is easy with FlagShip.  FlagShip online shipping system can save you up to 70% on domestic, and international shipments. With our extensive network of trusted couriers like Purolator, UPS, FedEx, Canpar, GLS, and DHL you can simplify your shipping experience and boost your bottom line.

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What is a parcel delivery service?

At its core, a parcel delivery service, or courier service, is a logistical solution that facilitates the transportation and delivery of packages from one location to another. This service plays a vital role in the supply chain, enabling businesses to fulfill customer orders promptly and efficiently. Whether it’s B2B or B2C, a reliable courier service is essential for businesses of all sizes.

What’s more? At FlagShip our parcel delivery service spans borders, reaching destinations within Canada, the U.S., and internationally, offering you a global reach with local expertise.

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Best rates for parcel delivery services

Get unbeatable rates with FlagShip’s partnerships with leading couriers like Purolator, UPS, and FedEx. Save up to 70% on every shipment! We extend our reach, ensuring that all small and medium-sized businesses in Canada have access to the best and cheapest parcel delivery services and shipping capabilities.

It’s Easy to Save and Ship – in just a few steps!

  • Sign Up: Create your free Flagship account.
  • Input Details: Enter your shipment details – destinations, dimensions, and preferences.
  • Compare Rates: Instantly compare discounted rates from top couriers on one screen.
  • Choose Service: Select the courier service that best fits your needs and budget.
  • Generate Label: Generate the shipping labels with a single click.
  • Schedule Pickup: Arrange a pickup for your shipment.
  • Track & Manage: Stay in control with real-time tracking and manage shipments effortlessly.
  • Save & Ship: Enjoy savings of up to 70% on each shipment!

Parcel delivery service for your eStore too

Boost your eStore sales with FlagShip’s seamless parcel delivery solutions! Seamlessly integrate cheap parcel delivery services from top parcel delivery companies, all on one user-friendly platform.

What sets FlagShip apart is not just the service – it’s the commitment to exceptional support for every order. Our dedicated team ensures your eStore shipping is not just a process; it’s an experience. Plus, for those managing multiple eStores, FlagShip streamlines your shipping processes, saving you time and providing stellar service across all your online platforms.

Parcel delivery shipping & tracking on the go

Stay ahead of the curve with FlagShip’s mobile app – your key to efficient parcel delivery shipping and tracking. Experience the convenience of managing your shipments wherever you go.

Our mobile shipping app not only ensures you stay connected but also brings cheap parcel delivery services from top companies right to your fingertips. The app provides real-time tracking, label generation, and other essential features that enhance the overall shipping experience.

Ready to save time and money on your Canadian parcel deliveries? Sign up with FlagShip today and experience the difference! Contact us via our toll-free number 1-866-320-8383 or We are happy to help you with your parcel delivery needs.