Holiday Shipping Tips

Posted by Tania

It’s the holiday shipping season! There’s nothing worse than putting all that time and effort into preparing your gifts, only to have it delayed or arrive in a not so perfect condition. Here are some packing and shipping tips to have your gifts arrive in great shape this holiday season.

  1. Do not gift wrap your shipping box: Gift wrapping with materials such as paper and strings can get caught in the automated processing equipment. Don’t ruin your efforts and keep the wrappings inside the box.
  2. Choose the right packaging to protect your goods: Always try to use a new box. If your items are fragile, you might need to use two boxes. Also, make sure to cushion your goods properly to prevent any movement within the box as this will limit the chance of any damage.
  3. Pack in an extra label: Accidents happen where shipping labels can get lost from pouches or ruined by the weather. Always place an extra shipping label with the shipper and recipient’s address information inside the box.
  4. Ship early: Avoid delays and check with your couriers to see what the last shipping day for pre-Christmas delivery is. Here is the courier holiday schedule to help you out!
  5. Hold it: If you aren’t sure if your recipient is there to accept the package, hold it at your selected courier’s location. This will allow your recipient to pick it up at their earliest convenience and it will also help prevent gifts from piling up at their door!

For even more tips, check out our 5 tips to pack like an expert! If you have any doubts about your packaging and shipment, do not hesitate to contact our customer service team at 1-866-320-8383 or Happy Holidays!