3 Common Shipping Mistakes

Posted by Tania

Shipping departments are often rushing to ship orders while dealing with individual shipping requests and any upstream issues. These daily occurrences may result in common mistakes that are often left unnoticed.  Here are 3 common shipping mistakes and ways to avoid them while improving efficiency for your shipping department:

1. Inaccurate package dimensions

If you see “Weight Correction” next to a tracking number, your shipment is most likely subjected to a dimensional weight error. Entering accurate dimensions is extremely important as it could affect the rate you are quote. Click here to see the full blog on this topic.

Solution: make sure you have complete and precise shipment dimensions at the time of shipping. If you are unsure of the dimensional weight, contact your carrier for assistance.

2. Using over-sized boxes to ship orders

Now that you are also aware of dimensional weight, you should understand that the wrong type of packaging can result in extra charges. If your client is responsible for the shipping fee, they would not want to pay for all the extra room in the box. Similarly, if your company is responsible for the payment, you surely do not want that extra expense especially if it can be avoided.

Solution: make sure that you have the proper packaging. This will save your client that extra expense while reducing your expenses for packing materials.  

3. Ground vs. Express and Expedited services

If your client wants their order delivered next day, an express or expedited service at a premium price should be selected for their shipment. However, if your client does not need the package at a specific time, try to see if a ground service can deliver the shipment at the desired date. Why not save your company or your client the extra shipping expense?

Solution: setup a rate shop system that includes ground services to figure out the most cost-efficient way to ship to the customer on time. 

If you have any questions on dimensional weight, packaging, and/or our shipping services, please contact our customer service team at 1-866-320-8383 or support@flagshipcompany.com.