The Top 5 Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

Here are 5 common shipping mistakes and ways to avoid them while improving efficiency for your shipping department.

The Top 5 Shipping Mistakes to Avoid

Posted by Tania

As a business owner, shipping goods to your clients and customers is an essential part of your operations. However, even small shipping mistakes in the shipping process can lead to significant problems, including delays, damages, and increased costs. To ensure your shipments arrive on time and in good condition, it’s important to be aware of and avoid common shipping mistakes. 

Hence, our customer service team has identified the top 5 shipping mistakes to avoid at all costs: 

  1. Not using proper packaging: Using the wrong type of packaging or not using enough cushioning can lead to damage during transit. Make sure to use appropriate packaging for the type of goods you are shipping and to properly secure and cushion the items.  Here are 3 Tips for Proper Packaging to Save You Money on Shipping. 
  2. Not using the correct shipping label: Using the wrong shipping label can result in delays and missed deliveries. Make sure to double-check the address and label information before sending out your package. 
  3. Not providing accurate dimensions and weight: Providing incorrect dimensions and weight information can result in unexpected charges and delays. Be sure to accurately measure and weigh your package before shipping.
    How-to: Calculate Dimensional Weight for your Package. 
  4. Not considering transit time: Not taking into account the transit time when shipping can lead to missed deadlines and disappointed customers. Research and compare different shipping options to ensure that your package will arrive on time. 
  5. Not insuring valuable or fragile items: Not insuring valuable or fragile items can leave you liable for damages or loss during transit. Consider protecting your valuable and fragile items during shipping by purchasing shipping insurance. While standard courier liability for lost shipments is typically limited to $100 per package or $2.00 per pound, insuring high-value or fragile items can protect you from potential damages. Don’t leave your shipment at risk, invest in additional insurance for your peace of mind and to save you an extra unexpected cost.Here are some more useful  resources for you 4 Courier Insurance Tips For Your Small BusinessTop shipping insurance questions, answered  and Insurance Tips for Shipments Valued over $100.

    By avoiding these common shipping mistakes, you can ensure that your packages are delivered on time and in good condition and that your customers are satisfied with their purchases. 

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