Select the Proper Packaging to Lower your Shipping Rate

Posted by Tania

Did you know that to select the right shipping package when generating a shipment makes a difference to your overall courier rate? If you are a small business and don’t know the difference between the shipping packages and options, you are not alone.  By selecting the correct shipping package when processing your quote or shipment you avoid getting charged extra after the fact.

At FlagShip, our proprietary online shipping system gives you discounted brand-name courier rates based on three types of packaging. You simply select the type of packaging you are using, and FlagShip will generate a quote based on your exact package type. Here are the three package types and their descriptions to help you select the right shipping package:

  1. My Packaging: refers to any type of generic packaging that does not have a courier logo on it.  This type of packaging can be used at any time for any type of shipment.
  2. Courier Pack: refers to the soft pack that can hold a small object up to three pounds.  This package does have a courier logo on it, as well as a bar code.
  3. Courier Letter: refers to a cardboard envelope that has a courier logo on it, as well as a bar code.

Plus, a couple money-saving tips when selecting packaging:

  • If you select courier pack or courier letter when creating a new shipment, you must actually ship in the same packaging to avoid surcharges. Conversely, if you ship in a courier pack or courier letter, you must select the correct option.
  • Courier boxes are not an option and a surcharge would apply – click here to learn more about your packaging options.

If you have any questions on shipping and the packaging you are selecting, please contact our customer service team at 1-866-320-8383 or