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FlagShip’s new affiliation with the IFOH (FIHOQ) Federation

Posted by Tania

Since 2005, FlagShip has helped thousands of small and medium size businesses save time and money on their shipping needs. In 2016, FlagShip established a great relationship with the IFOH Federation (Interdisciplinary Federation of Ornamental Horticulture), a Quebec based organization. It represents 10 associations, 3 sectors, 1 industry.

Now IFOH members have an additional benefit and FlagShip will help them save time and money when it comes to their business shipping. In November 2016, FlagShip – for the first time – exhibited at the IFOH Annual Tradeshow, sharing a shipping alternative to all participants related to the horticulture industry such as producers, distributors, retail stores, landscapers, and ornamental architects. Many participants discovered a fantastic alternative for their seasonal shipping needs.

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